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Traditional Fairy Stories of Brittany written and illustrated by Bethan Lewis - Brittany is famous throughout the world for its unique culture and history. This new collection of 27 traditional fairy stories is accompanied by over 70 delightful illustrations, and includes such favorites as: Princess Marcassa, The Little White Hare, The Widow's Son and the Three Dogs, Jebedic le Ribet, Pautr Bah Houarn (or The Man with the Iron Staff), Jeanne, Jeanette and Jeaneton and many more.

Dragons carry away beautiful princesses; woodland pixies, (or Korrigans) do battle against the terrible ogre called the Caragine; young men set out to seek their fortune, and old women give wise advice as they turn their spinning wheel or distaff by the fireside.

Storytelling in Brittany remained an essentially oral tradition right up until the beginning of the 20th century. In the early 1900's, stories from different parts of Brittany were collected and translated into French from the original Breton dialects (a sister language to Welsh and Cornish) and have since become well-loved by generations of French children. Many of these stories are appearing for the first time in English in Bethan's book, and children and adults will enjoy hearing or reading them again and again. Her new re-tellings of some of the most popular traditional Breton fairy stories makes them more easily accessible to a wider audience.

Bethan Lewis is the daughter of Lin & Gareth Lewis, the author of One and One and Unqualified Education. Bethan's mom, dad, and two siblings moved from England to Brittany, France, over a decade ago so they could grow and learn together in a more rural setting. Together, they have written books, articles, published magazines and newsletters and illustrated them all beautifully.

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