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To produce life-long learners, we need to show our children that learning is not just something that they get graded on or that only happens during certain hours of the day or certain times of the year. We need to help them hang on to the natural joy of learning that every child is born with, to help them see that learning new things is fun, and to help them realize that learning can take place anywhere and at anytime.

Our family has put together this catalog of books, games and other materials to help you in your efforts to produce life-long learners. Good luck and remember to have FUN!

I love your catalog - hard to hold myself back from ordering way too much stuff!
F.L. in CA

Thank you for your fantastic service and wonderful products! We not only use your products for our homeschooling needs, your catalogue is the first I turn to for any type of gift. Many of my friends have loved getting the catalogue as much as their children have enjoyed the gifts. It is a great alternative to more toys that are lost in the shuffle! 
P.B. in NV

Maybe one day we'll win the lottery and I can say "FUN Books, send me one of everything in your catalog!"
G.W. in VA

Note to G.W. (and any other lottery winners out there), if you order one of everything from our catalog, you will get free shipping and qualify for special discounts!

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" . . . [The book] is practical, easy to handle, economical. It does not require any particular technological prowess, and keeps well in any climate." -J.M.G. Le Clézio (2008 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature)


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