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Mathematics, A Human Endeavor 3rd edition - This book was highly recommended to us by an experienced homeschooling dad. His oldest, who has since gone on to college, enjoyed using this text as a teenager. Our son used this book after using the Key to series.

Written at a high school/college level (general math or pre-algebra), it covers topics such as large numbers & logarithms, mathematical curves, an introduction to statistics, functions & their graphs, topology and more. The author chooses interesting topics to illustrate math concepts in a fun and interesting way. There are plenty of illustrations, including comic strips, in this useful book.

Hardcover, 678 pages Table of Contents.

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Instructor's Manual:
#4227 $64.95 $59.99

Student Workbook
by Susan Knueven Wong provides spaces for answers to the problem sets in the above text as well as additional exercises inspired by the text. Paper, 295 pages.
#5398 $62.99 $58.99 out of stock

Test Bank
by Harold Jacobs provides 855 questions designed to parallel the exercises in the text book. Yes, all of the answers are provided in the back of the book! Paper, 108 pages
#569X $42.99


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