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Dumbing Us Down: The Invisible Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by (10th Anniversary Edition) by John Taylor Gatto. Contains essays based on some of John's speeches about school and education. While not a book about homeschooling, it makes some shrewd observations about the failures of public schooling and how to re-engage the family's involvement in learning. An eye-opener for those still unconvinced of the benefits of homeschooling. I believe Gatto's credentials, in part, win skeptics over (he was New York City and New York State Teacher of the Year). I simply enjoy his passionate voice and concise analysis of the problems with compulsory education.

The 10th Anniversary edition contains a new afterward by the author in which he reflects on the past 10 years and updates you on some of his current projects.

Paper, 104 pages.

#4487 $11.95


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