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Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? (Book 2, Uncle Eric series) by Richard Maybury.  I cracked open this book with a bit of trepidation. Throughout my 16 years of schooling, I got excellent grades, except in my college economics class. I had a wonderful teacher, but the subject matter did not hold my interest.

Not only is the Penny Candy book easy to understand, I actually enjoyed it! It explains our economic model, which is based on free-market Austrian economics, and has lots of interesting facts about money. Learn why certain coins have ridges, the origin of the word "dollar," as well as what causes inflation. The book is written as a series of letters from "Uncle Eric" to his 9th grade nephew.

“Maybury challenges the reader to explore the inextricable connections between law and economics, and between economic and political liberty. I can think of no more important subject, and I highly recommend this lucid and thoughtful volume.” —William E. Simon, former U.S. Treasury Secretary

This is the new, 5th edition. Paper, 192 pages. Ages 10-adult.

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