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Fun with Chinese

Chinese in a Flash Volume 1 by Philip Yungkin Lee -  This set includes 448 flash cards featuring the most common Mandarin Chinese vocabulary used in everyday speech. The character in its traditional form is on the front of each card. The back includes its pronunciation, English translation, and other valuable information. A sample sentence is included to reinforce correct grammar and usage. The set comes with a booklet that explains how to use the cards, a list of characters, and various indexes for easy look-up.

Their convenient, portable size makes it easy to carry them with you to learn and test yourself during spare moments throughout the day. Chinese in a Flash Volume 1 has a full range of features to help beginners and intermediate learners through character recognition, vocabulary recognition, revision and testing. It includes indexes by radical, stroke count, and alphabetically by pinyin romanization.

#3613 $24.95 $21.99  Sale!

The Dragon Painter
retold by Rosie Dickins, illustrated by John Nez - Chang paints the best animal pictures in all of China. But when it comes to dragons, he has a problem. Why is he afraid to paint in the dragons' eyes? Find out, in this lively retelling of a traditional Chinese story. Written in English.

Hardcover, 48 pages. 7.5"x5.25" Ages 6+.

#2750 $8.99 $6.99

Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats: A Treasury of Chinese Holiday Tales, Activities & Recipes
by Nina Simonds, Leslie Swartz, Meilo So (Illustrator), Children's Museum of Boston.

This wonderful book presents delicious recipes, traditional stories, and hands-on family activities associated with several major Chinese celebrations: The Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival, Qing Ming and the Cold Foods Festival, The Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Learn to make yummy sticky rice balls, make paper lanterns to decorate your house
during the New Year, and read stories about ancient characters such as Qu Yuan.

My daughter and I have been taking Chinese language lessons with another family, and one of the best parts of the class is learning about another culture. Just learning the language has been insightful, but our teacher has also introduced us to Chinese food, calligraphy, and traditions. It has been a terrific experience.

If you would like to introduce Chinese culture to your family, Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats is an excellent resource. I also highly recommend a visit to a Chinatown. The Chinatowns in San Francisco and New York may be the best known, but other large cities have Chinese neighborhoods. When we traveled to Independence Hall in Pennsylvania, we also visited Philadelphia's Chinatown and dined at a lovely restaurant, which I found on the internet when planning our trip. We've visited Washington, D.C.'s Chinatown many times and had our first experience with dim sum there. The last couple of years we've even marched in the New Year's parade with a local kung fu school, and my husband and daughter have performed kung fu to an appreciative audience (so cool!)

While the book is designed for ages 4-8, it a fun book for anyone wanting to learn about Chinese culture. It is ideal for families, especially since young children will need adult assistance with most of the recipes.

Throughout the book are colorful illustrations and Chinese writing. The back of the book contains a list of resources and a pronunciation guide to Chinese .

Ages 4-8. Hardcover, 80 pages.

#9839 $21.00 $12.99 Sale!


Shen of the Sea: Chinese Stories for Children
by Arthur Bowie Chrisman - This collection of folk tales from China includes "Ah Mee's Invention", "The Rain King's Daughter", "The Moon Maiden", "Contrary Chueh Chun", and "As Hai Low Kept House".

Black & white cut-paper illustrations accompany the text. English language.

Copyright 1925.  Winner of the 1926 Newbery Medal.

Hardcover, 222 pages. 8.6"x5.8"x.8". Ages 9-12.

#2440 $16.99 $11.99

Takeout for Two (mini) - Packaged in a tiny box shaped like a takeout food carton, this kitschy little kit contains the perfect props for staging an intimate Chinese dinner: two paper lanterns, two pairs of tiny chopsticks, two ceramic chopstick holders, and a duo of decorative paper place mats.

The 32-page tiny book contains ideas for making your dinner more authentic and entertaining as well as a recipe for fortune cookies -- and paper fortunes are included (cookies are not). The tiny chopsticks are more of a novelty than anything utilitarian.

#3670 $7.95 $6.99

Rosetta Stone software in Chinese click here

Swallowing Clouds: A Playful Journey through Chinese Culture, Language and Cuisine
by A. Zee is a charming book that helps the reader learn Chinese characters and culture through a study of cuisine. It was recommended by our Chinese teacher, and I found it not only a fascinating way to learn the language but also to understand a civilization that certainly deserves more study than it receives in the west (at least where I live).

The book is geared toward adult readers, but my 11-year-old daughter enjoyed it when short bits were read to her and discussed during sessions with our Chinese teacher.

Even it you aren't learning how to speak Chinese, you will still enjoy the history and folklore of Chinese dishes, the author's anecdotes, and possibly learn how to read your local Chinese menu. Who knows, maybe it will spark an interest in learning Chinese!

#1911X $18.95 $16.99 Out of print, limited number of copies available.

Teach Me More Chinese: A Musical Journey Through the Year by Judy Mahoney - Travel through the year. Visit a beach & farm, enjoy a picnic & birthday party, explore museums & celebrate holidays. Songs in English and Chinese include: Going to the Zoo, Silent Night, Tingalayo and more!

Book contains Mandarin lyrics in traditional characters and pinyin, with English translations.

45-minute cassette and 20-page book. Ages 2-12.

#3482 $13.95 $9.99   (One copy available).


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