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Horrible Histories

Since the very first Horrible Histories titles were published, history books for children have never been the same again. The appeal of all things wicked, weird and woeful has proved to be huge, and the series is now a worldwide best seller.

These books are written and published in the United Kingdom, so you will encounter some British words and some events are seen from a British perspective. Having grown up in the United States, we find this different perspective interesting and refreshing.


The Frightful First World War and The Woeful Second World War
- Two-books-in-one! These two books present historical details of WWI and WWII that are fascinating, gruesome, and even disgusting.

The Frightful First World War tells you all the horrors and hardships of the war that was meant to last four months...but ground on for four grim years.

The Woeful Second World War gives you the dire details about the worst war ever - from snow-bound cities under siege to fly-infested jungle trenches.

Included are curious quizzes, rotten recipes, gruesome games and terrible tests.

We've been selling this book at conferences and have had terrific feedback. Several young people have gotten hooked on history after reading this compilation and have special-ordered more Horrible Histories, as well as Horrible Science and Geography books from us. We have quite a number of the different titles in stock and will add them to our web site as time allows. If you don't see a title you want on our web site, just drop us an email.

Non-fiction, ages 10+. Teens and adults will enjoy too.

Paper, 256 pages. 5.25"x7.75"x.625"

#3317X $14.35 $12.99

Pirates (A Horrible Histories Handbook) by Terry Deary, illustrated by Martin Brown. Forget the brave heroes swinging from the masts and prepare yourself for the truth behind lousy pirate legends and lies. Learn how to talk the patter of a pirate, find out foul facts about their ships and discover the disgusting details of death by a thousand cuts.

Paper, 94 pages. 5.25"x.125"

#5785 $11.25 $9.00



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