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Living is Learning Curriculum Guides by Nancy Plent

These guides were put together by Nancy Plent, founder of the Unschoolers Network in New Jersey and a long-time homeschooler. She reviewed the scope and sequence charts and curriculum guides of dozens of schools in various states, then combined the highest standards of elements from each to create these guides. Why purchase these curriculum guides? 1) They may help you to fulfill your state's legal requirement to provide an educational plan 2) They allow you to see some of the highest standards for schools at various grade levels, just in case you are curious about what the schools expect or are anxious about what you are doing 3) They provide record-keeping space that can help organize a portfolio.

Besides providing a checklist under each subject, Nancy offers suggestions on how to translate real-life experience into curricula goals. She also lists resources from a variety of companies. Each guide covers two or more grade levels. The first four are in comb binding, while the high school guide is in a 3-ring binder.

#UN01 Living is Learning Guide, Level I (PreK-1st) $20.00 $17.99
#UN02 Living is Learning Guide, Level II (2nd, 3rd) $20.00 $17.99
#UN03 Living is Learning Guide, Level III (4th, 5th) Out of stock. $20.00 $17.99
#UN04Living is Learning Guide, Level IV (6th-8th) $27.00 $23.99
#UN05 Living is Learning Guide, High School (9th-12th) $25.00 $22.50 Out of stock

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