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Unqualified Education: A Practical Guide to Learning at Home Ages 11-18
Table of Contents

Introduction (Problems with School, Home-Based Learning, Exams and Qualifications, Secondary Education, Further Education)

Literature (Introduction, Dickens, Austen, Shakespeare, Homer, Ramayana, The Bible, Beowulf, Fielding, Goldsmith)

History (Introduction, Mythology, Classical Historians, Ancient Greece, Study of Recent History, The Renaissance, The Industrial Revolution, North America, The World in the Twenty-First Century)

Educational Resources (People, Books, Money, Schools, Television)

Gardening (Introduction, Vegetable Gardening, Soft Fruit, Herbs, Flowers)

Cooking (Introduction, Preparing Vegetables, Indian Recipes, Italian Recipes, Middle Eastern Recipes, Mexican Recipes, Breads, Baking, Jam)

Arts & Crafts (Introduction, Art, Writing, Paper Folding, Sewing, Rag Rug, Knots, Kite, Making and Mending, Building)

Academic Subjects (Introduction, Geography, Languages, Sciences, Technology, Music, Mathematics)

Conclusion (Time Table and Curriculum, Qualifications, Work and Employment, Conclusion)



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