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World War I: The Rest of the Story and How It Affects You Today
Table of Contents

Uncle Eric's Model of How the World Works
Author's Disclosure
Cast of Characters

1. The 58-Year Persecution
2. The Grim Statistics
3. Is Now the Time to Learn About War?
4. First Ideas, Then Battles
5. Whose Truth?
6. Why We Fight
7. Conquest Creates Weakness Not Strength
8. Typical Garden-Variety Wars
9. Deadly Ideas Lead to War
10. The Pax Romana
11. Fascism
12. What Date Did the World Wars Begin?
13. Franco-Prussian War
14. Ancient German Ambitions
15. Political Power
16. Global Protection
17. Interests
18. Cost Externalization
19. Manifest Destiny
20. The Splendid Little War
21. Guerrilla War
22. Guerrilla War Examples
23. Never Surrender
24. Killing Women
25. Take No Prisoners
26. The White Man's Burden & The Ugly American
27. The Great White Fleet
28. Up Close and Personal
29. The First Casualty of War
30. Stealing Panama
31. Helping Crooks and Tyrants
32. The Usual Suspects
33. Boxer Rebellion and Russo-Japanese War
34. Choosing Up Sides
35. The Morocco Crisis
36. Alliances
37. The Glory of War
38. America's Entry Into World War I
39. The Third Choice Ignored
40. They Will Fight Over Anything
41. The Treaty of Versailles
42. The Sound of Reloading
43. Hitler's Rise
44. U.S. Invades Russia
45. Desperation and the Neutrality Act
46. Summary


The War Prayer by Mark Twain
Quotes About War
Bibliography and Suggested Reading
Suggested Viewing
About Richard J. Maybury

Index of Maps

Map of Europe 1914
Old World New World Map
Europe showing France and Austria-Hungry in 1870
Areas Conquered by European Regimes
Switzerland in the World Wars
Conquests of the Christian European Powers
China's Territory Held by Invaders in 1897
Morocco Crisis Map
Map of the Balkans
Major Mutinies Map



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