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Through several interactive, self-paced computer lessons students:

* Learn about constellations, graphing star charts, planetary motion, parallax, the motion of the sun, Newton's Laws, and more!

* Learn real world applications of such math fundamentals as graphing, angles, trigonometry, and scientific notation.

* Explore the connections to Greek literature.

The complete package includes:

* CD-ROM with lessons, tests, and progress reports
* Textbook with vocabulary, projects and problems
* Student guide with assignments and worksheets
* Teacher guide with answer key and support information

Product Features:

* 10 full-color, narrated multimedia exercises
* Management systems and tools for tracking multiple students
* Problems, hands-on projects, and study questions
* Audio glossary and vocabulary
* Assessments and instant analysis
* Progress reports
* Access to recommended web sites for further study
* Color slide show

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