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Aristoplay Games

Charge It!: The Crazy Credit Card Game
by Talicor -  Credit Cards...a Help or a hazard?

Charge It! plays like rea life. Big spenders bargain hunters and cash savers all have fun shopping and spending. Vacations, TVs and concert tickets are just a few of the possibilities to charge when players qualify for the Quik Charge, American Success, Recover and Bold Credit Cards.

Decide how to divide the payday cash between epenses, credit card debts or savings. Shoppers beware - it is easy to get caught in the alluirng trap of unlmited purchasing power. Debts can pile up and the bank may revoke credit cards if payments are not made on time.

Ages 8 to adult, 2 to 4 players.

#1282 $30.00 $24.99  Out of print, one copy available.

Green Alligators: Rings and Things - No reading required! Pictures are identified to encourage early readers. The first player to guess the card being described or acted, wins the card!

Parents or older siblings can take a look at a card and start giving clues. Little ones will delight in trying to guess what the card is. Then it's their turn to give clues. It is a non-competitive activity for 2 players, or it becomes competitive when the "big kids" try to out guess the others!

Ages 4 and Up, 2 to 4 Players

#306AX $10.00

Green Alligators: Zoo and Farm Animals (El Lagartito Verde: el zoologico y la granja) - The Giggly-Silly bilingual descriptive word game! No reading required. Pictures are identified to encourage early readers of both English and Spanish.

Green Alligators
is that wonderful little "I'm thinking of" kind of card game, but this one has pictures so you can't change your mind part way through the game! Play with your little one while doing other things around the house; just take a look at your card and start giving clues. Your little one will delight in trying to guess what your card is. Then it is the child's turn to give clues.

It is a non-competitive activity for 2 players, or it becomes competitive when the "big kids" try to out-guess the others!

Ages 4 and up, 2 to 4 players.

#307AX $10.00

Mars 2020: A Space Exploration Game - This latest game from Aristoplay has become a favorite in our household. The fact that the playing pieces are six different spaceships puts it in the "cool game" category right off the bat. The goal is to reach Mars by the year 2020. Along the way, players experience the science and logic of space travel, encountering challenges and malfunctions that can be handled by answering questions about space travel.

Includes: game board, 6 spaceship playing pieces, 2 jumbo dice, 1 red-colored marble representing Mars, 8 crew member cards, 47 mission control cards, 275 spaceport repair cards containing 550 question, and a rule booklet.

2-6 players. Ages 8+.
#627AX $30.00 $27.99

Royal Masquerade
(Aristoplay) - Players dance around a beautiful game board looking for clues about the royal guests. Be the first player to correctly guess the identity of the Mystery Host. The play of the game involves a beautiful ring to wear with “magical powers”. The Mystery Host’s identity changes every game so the game can be enjoyed over and over again. There are two levels of play, including a younger version for non-readers.

Materials: Austrian crystal ring, colorful playing board, six masquerade playing pieces and six matching masquerade cards, 18 identity cards, checklist pad, two dice, instruction booklet, and an invitation to the ball.

Ages 4-8, 1-4 players.

#415AX $20.00 $12.99 Sale!

Trailblazer (Aristoplay) is a U.S. history game that challenges your understanding of the American past while you blaze a trail across the country. By correctly answering questions about our diverse history from the pre-colonial period to the present, players advance across the map, accumulate Treasure Cards and risk their fortunes in a variety of adventures. You can choose to travel by canoe, horse, covered wagon, paddle boat, train or model T-Ford.

No matter how much or how little you know about U.S. history, you'll learn something new with each play and have fun in the process!

Ages 8 and up, 2 to 6 Players. Box includes: game board, 160 question cards, 50 treasure cards, 50 adventure cards, card caddy, spinner/compass, 6 playing pieces, score pad.

#505AX $30.00 $27.99

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