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Cafi Cohen

Homeschooling the Teen Years: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 13- to 18-Year-Old
by Cafi Cohen. Homeschooling your teen is not as difficult as you may imagine! This book will give you ideas on how to help your teen create their own unique learning experience and discover their best vocational path, including selecting a college. Many more answers to questions both parents and teens may have are answered by Cafi's book. Using real-life stories and examples from dozen's of homeschooling families, you gain not only the insight of the author's experience but a variety of ideas from other parents of teens. Where Cafi's other two books focus on college, this book goes into detail about creating your teen's unique learning experience upon which the credits for college are based.

Paper, 344 pages. 

#0931X $16.95 $15.25

And What About College?   by Cafi Cohen. The author discusses how she helped her two homeschooled children apply to and get accepted by the colleges of their choice. This is the newest edition with many useful ideas for everyone thinking about college, but especially for those with nontraditional educations.

*Chapter on college at home and on-line college
*Appendix on study tips for the college bound
*Resources and web sites
*Chapter highlights to help you focus on the most important points. Paper, 224 pages.

This book is out of print, so it's only available while supplies last. The special price is a limited time offer.
#7116 $18.95 $12.00

Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook
by Cafi Cohen is filled with tips and insider advice from homeschooling families who now attend college. It will help you decide what college is right for your child, what curriculum will help prepare your child for college, learn what colleges expect from homeschoolers, and prepare your child for the admissions process. This book includes experiences of homeschoolers nationwide and supplements rather than duplicates Cafi's other helpful book, And What About College, which is based largely on her family's personal experiences.

Paper, 321 pages.

#7540 $17.95 $15.25


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