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Books by David Macaulay

David Macaulay is the well-known author and illustrator of many wonderful, detailed books for readers of all ages. Superb design, magnificent illustrations, and clearly presented information distinguish all of his books. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Mr. Macaulay lives and works in Rhode Island.


Angelo by David Macaulay - As an old master craftsman begins work restoring the facade of a once-beautiful church, clearing away the twigs and other debris left behind by pigeons, he comes across a wounded bird nesting in one of the many crevices.

Finding pigeons to be messy nuisances, he reluctantly takes her home to recuperate. They become close companions over
time and take care of each other in their own way. When the old man, Angelo, begins to slow down, he worries what will become of his little friend as he grows older. Through his craft, he creates a fitting tribute to her that will provide her with a home forever.

Children will learn about a life filled with dedication and care to work and a special friendship. Parents should be aware that Angelo dies at the end of the book, so they need to be prepared to discuss death. It is only briefly mentioned and in a gentle way. It could be a good way to discuss the topic and how a person can make a difference to another, even after death.  Macaulay manages to balance both sadness and humor in this heartwarming tale. It is a great read-aloud

Warm, expressive illustrations. 48 pages, picture book. Ages 4-8. 

Hardcover: #8265 $16.00 $9.99 Sale!

Paper: #336X $6.95

Black and White by David Macaulay - This inventive picture book contains stories about parents, cows, and train trips which may be read as four individual tales, or might work together as one story.

The book comes complete with a warning from the author: "This book appears to contain a number of stories that do not necessarily occur at the same time. Then again, it may contain only one story. In any event, careful inspection of both words and pictures is recommended."

Hardcover, 32 pages. Ages 5-8. Winner of the 1991 Caldecott Medal.

#1513 $17.00 10.99 One copy available.

Rome Antics by David Macaulay - Obtain a unique perspective of Rome, and view some of its amazing architecture, as you follow the meandering journey of a pigeon as she circles very old buildings, dives through arches, soars over piazzas, views a 15th century church upside down, and races down narrow streets. The book conveys a sense of this ancient city's energy as well as an appreciation of its wealth of history and beauty.

An aerial drawing of the city, with the pigeon's path marked, is included at the end of the book, as well as a listing of the structures viewed throughout the book and brief descriptions of each. We raise pigeons and really enjoyed this Macaulay book!

Hardcover, 79 pages. Pen and ink drawings.

#2793 $18.00 $12.99

Building Books

Building Big by David Macaulay - is the companion book to the PBS series by the same name. While the program focuses on the big picture of the social, historical and environmental implications of building big structures, the book explores the connections between planning and design problems and the solutions that are ultimately reached. Macaulay's questions help the reader to think about the structures they see and use every day and, most likely, take for granted. A variety of bridges, tunnels, dams, domes, and skyscrapers around the world are explored, with each receiving a page or two of text and a full-color illustration.

Not only is the engineering of a structure explained, but a brief history is given, including information about the designers. A glossary of terms is included. Children and adults interested in architecture, engineering, designing, and history will enjoy this fascinating book. 192 pages.

Hardcover: #3311 $30.00 $14.99 Sale! While supplies last.
Paper: #5278 $12.95 $9.99   Sale! While supplies last.

by David Macaulay. Follow the text and detailed illustrations as a "typical" castle and adjoining town are planned and built in the 13th century. Excellent. Caldecott Honor Award-winner.

Paper, 80 pages. Ages 8-12.

#9205 $8.95

Cathedral: the Story of Its Construction
by David Macaulay. Meticulously rendered pen and ink drawings illustrate this marvelously detailed book about the construction of a Gothic cathedral in a fictional French town during the 13th century. Caldecott Honor Award-winner.

Hardcover, 80 pages.

#5132 $16.95 $9.99 One copy available.

City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction
by David Macaulay. Follow the step-by-step process of building "Roman style." Lots of detailed illustrations (black and white line art) and interesting text.

Paper, 112 pages. Independent Reading Level: Ages 8-12.

#9222 $9.95

by David Macaulay. Every time I visit my Dad's family in southern Virginia, I make a point to visit Mabry Mill, an old 20th century grist mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I've always found its flume system and water wheel fascinating. That's probably why I find this to be my favorite Macaulay book.

Macaulay uses fictional mills in the town of Wicksville, Rhode Island, to describe the very real mills developed in New England throughout the 19th century. He not only describes the planning, construction and operation of these mills but also what was going on in society during the century as it related to the mill industry.

He follows a family as they operate four successive mills through the generations. His excellent drawings and diagrams provide a detailed view of the different equipment, and I especially liked the journals describing the mill family's life.

Ages 10-15. Paper, 128 pages.

#0193 $9.95 $7.50

by David Macaulay - Follow the construction of a mosque in late-sixteenth-century Turkey. The author shows the methods and materials used during the time of the famous architect, Sinan, using both text and detailed drawings.

Through the fictional story of Admiral Suha Mehmet Pasa, readers learn how these amazing structures were built and how they functioned in relation to the society they served.

"As always, Macaulay has given a great deal of attention to the relationship between pictures and text, creating another brilliant celebration of an architectural wonder."

Ages 9-12. Full-color illustrations. Hardcover, 96 pages.

#0349 $18.00 $13.99 Sale price!


The New Way Things Work
by David Macaulay. With the help of a charming Wooly Mammoth, readers are introduced to the physical and mechanical world. The book covers the workings of hundreds of machines and devices: levels, wheels, gears, pulleys, flying, pressure power, photography, printing, music, electricity, magnetism, sensors, computers and more. A great reference to have in your family library. This completely updated and expanded edition describes twelve new machines and includes more than seventy new pages detailing the latest innovations. The publisher recommends the book for ages 12+, but this is a great reference to have around for all ages.

Winner of the 1999 Parentsí Choice Gold Award.

Revised edition, hardcover, 400 pages.
#8473 $35.00

by David Macaulay. The text and illustrations of this book follow the intricate step-by-step process of building a pyramid. Lots of detailed illustrations with text that parents will enjoy reading aloud.

Independent reading level: ages 8-12.

80 pages.

Paper: #1212 $9.95




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