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Curiosity Kits

The Official Trickster Kit
(Curiosity Kits) - Most kids love playing tricks on their friends and family members, and this kit has all the fun favorites that kids have been using for years. It includes classic favorites like the whoopee cushion, hand-buzzer, snake-in-the-can mixed nuts, icky teeth, weird and spacey eyeglasses, squirting camera, and bonus joke book. I gave the kit to two of my 7-year-old nephews, and they loved it (especially the whoopee cushion!)

Recommended for ages 6+.

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The Legendary Worry Dolls
(Curiosity Kits) - Originating in Guatamala, worry dolls are very small dolls that were traditionally given to children who would tell their worries to them, place them under their pillow, and their cares would go away.

Make your own collection of six festive wooden dolls, write out the worry tags and tie them onto the little dolls. Place them in the drawstring pouch you make, then let them take your worries away.

Materials in the kit: doll forms, fabric, floss, tags, pins, needle, glue, marker, brush, pattern sheet, and illustrated instructions.

This kit is no longer being made, and our supply is limited.

#0318 $12.50


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