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Homestyle Harmony Recordings

by the Lester Family

The Lester family began homeschooling in 1978 and made a recording of songs for family and friends that also made it's way into the hands of John Holt. He enjoyed it so much that he included their recordings in the John Holt's Bookstore catalog which encouraged the family to make more tapes. Their boys are now in their 20's and still play music and sing together,

The Lester Family teaches 2-,3- & 4- part harmony by singing separately first, then together. It's a great way for youngsters to learn how to sing rounds. The Lesters say that children can generally learn to sing rounds at about 9 - 10 years old.

Instructions and words to each song are included with each recording.
(In order to conserve natural resources, the Lester family does not shrink wrap their recordings)


Traditional Rounds, Canons and Harmonies - Bring your family or group together by learning 22 traditional rounds and canons. Running short of activities to do in the car? Pop in this recording for some fun practice! Lyrics included.

Songs Include:
• Hello Song • Canoe Song
• Buddies and Pals • The Merry Lark
• Rainbow Song • A Medley of Four Songs
• Horsie, Horsie • Oh How Lovely
• The Wind in the Willows • Sing Together
• Rise Up Oh Flame • Over the Meadows
• Upward Trail • White Coral Bells
• Jubilate Deo • Make New Friends
• Old Hungarian Round • Are You Sleeping? Frere Jacque
• Father We Thank Thee • White Sands
• Row Row Row Your Boat • Grey Sands

CD: #HM104CD $12.50

Homestyle Harmony - takes the next step after the Traditional Rounds tape. Each person now sings completely different notes from the other singers, resulting in 2,3 & 4 part harmony. Each part (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) is initially sung separately and then everyone sings together. It's fun! Lyrics included.

Songs Include:

• In Summer the Sunshine Is Brightest • The Orchestra
• The Ash Grove • Swinging Along
• Evening Chimes • Long Ago
• April Shower • Prayer from Hansel and Gretel
• Winter's Farewell • The Flowers
• Moonlight in the Forest • America the Beautiful

CD: #HM110CD $12.50

Learn Christmas Harmonies - Learn 4-part harmony using the same format as the Homestyle Harmony recording. Each part is sung separately for each singer to memorize and then they are sung together for practice. If you do not have four people, these songs can be sung in 2- or 3-part harmony.

Songs Include:

• Silent Night • Joy to the World
• Away in a Manger • We Three Kings
• It Came Upon a Midnight Clear • Hark the Herald Angels Sing
• And more....  

CD #HM111CD $12.50

Learn Favorite Traditional Hymns In Harmony - How would your family like to sing their favorite hymns together in harmony? Learn Favorite Traditional Hymns In Harmony will help you do just that! All the hymns are sung a-capella, with each part (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) sung separately to aid in memorization. This recording is geared toward the beginning harmonizer, as the first six songs are fairly easy duets. The next two songs are trios, and the last five songs are in full four part harmony. So, there is something for everyone! If your family can sing rounds easily, your are probably ready to harmonize. These songs will be a nice addition to your family devotionals, or will simply make singing in church more enjoyable. Adding harmony to a melody very much enhances the sound and feeling of the song, which you will quickly discover once your family experiences harmonizing together!

Songs Include:
• Jesus Loves Me • He is Lord
• Jesus Loves the Little Children • For the Beauty of the Earth
• Anywhere With Jesus • Amazing Grace
• God Will Take Care of You • Gloria Patri
• Sweet Hour of Prayer • Onward Christian Soldiers
• Allelujah • What a Friend We Have in Jesus
• Jesus - Thou Joy of Loving Hearts • Doxology

CD: #HM112CD $12.50

Recordings that celebrate life with a nursing baby:

Only My Mama - I first purchased this tape 15 years ago at a La Leche League conference when my son was a baby. Those early days of parenthood seem so long ago and yet the memories are still strong. I remember it as a time of “cocooning,” hours spent in a rocking chair with the warmth of a child nuzzled against me (with a high-need baby, there were plenty of hours of sleepness nights also, but the passage of time has allowed me to focus on those relaxed, special moments). Those memories of long-ago are precious to me, something I will hold in my heart forever and can look back upon with fondness.

This tape honors this special time between mothers and babies, and their relationship as a nursing couple and the baby's relationship to the whole family. It's wonderful for those anticipating a baby and those who already have nursing babies.

Songs Include:
• Baby First • Big Wet Baby Kiss
• Where's the Baby? Gabriel • I Want to Be Close
• Jumpin' on the Bed • Don't Hit the Baby
• Three in Bed • Only My Mama
• Sacrifice  

Cassette #HM108 $9.95 $4.99   Sales price - while supplies last!
CD #HM108CD $12.50

One More Person to Love - supports the breastfeeding relationship as well as the ideals of raising children to be nurturing individuals who treat others as they would want to be treated, look for the good in other people, commit in relationships, and rise above difficulties.

Songs include:
• I'm a Big Brother Now • One More Person to Love
• Diapers Hung Out in a Row • Circle of Love
• I Wanna Nursie 'Bout it • Loving You
• Grammy Listens • A Mother and Her Child
• Nursing "60" • Lullaby
• Did You Nurse Your Mama to Sleep?  

Cassette #HM109 $9.95 $4.99   Sales price - while supplies last!
CD #HM109CD $12.50


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