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A Life Worth Living
DVD tribute to John Holt - Pat Farenga created this slide show for Growing Without Schooling's 20th anniversary conference. It was transferred to DVD and enhanced with footage not in the original show. It covers Holt's early career as social reformer and private school teacher, to famous author and school reformer, to unschooler and homeschool advocate.

Filled with rare photographs, tape recordings of Holt's own words from interviews and lectures over the years, and some video of Holt, you get a view of Holt's transformation from a "high standards" elite private school teacher, to a free schooler, to a pioneer homeschooler. A Life Worth Living is a perfect introduction to one of the most innovative thinkers about education. JHB

22 minutes - DVD format.

For a limited time, we will include a 7-page booklet titled, "The Education of John Holt." It's a reprint of article that first appeared in the December 1981 issue of Yankee magazine. 

#LWL-DB $11.00

A Life Worth Living: Selected Letters of John Holt, edited and with an introduction by Susannah Sheffer - From the backcover: "The letters of education critic and reformer John Holt were worksheets for his public writing as well as a fascinating record of his time. They contain some of his most poignant insights into education and educational reform, school, and politics. In this absorbing collection, Holt can be seen at his fiercest - openly challenging the usefulness and wisdom of compulsory schools, of universities, of the institution of childhood - and at his freshest, revealing thoughts conceived in the moment of writing."

This book is now out of print, but we have been purchasing used copies. As a result, we have a small quantity available. The copies may have creases, library stickers, highlights, notes or a combination of any of these.

285 pages.

#5445 $21.99

Teach Your Own - The John Holt Book of Homeschooling
by John Holt and Patrick Farenga. When we acquired the John Holt bookstore, we never thought we would have the chance to carry a new book by John Holt (who died in 1985). Okay, it's not a "completely" new book, but it is a new edition with lots of new information. Long out of print (with used copies often going for much more than the original purchase price!), the classic Teach Your Own: A Hopeful Path to Education has now been updated and re-released.

The new version is entitled Teach Your Own - The John Holt Book of Homeschooling. Appropriately enough, it has been updated and edited by Patrick Farenga, the president of Holt Associates. Pat has combined personal stories and the resources from his own book, The Beginners Guide to Homeschooling, with this classic work by the father of the modern homeschooling movement. The original was published in 1981 and was the source of inspiration for many parents considering homeschooling. Holt's words are every bit as inspiring today and show a timeless common-sense that will have nodding your head in agreement as you read along.

This book will help you avoid the trap of turning your home into a miniature school. Instead, you will be encouraged to take advantage of homeschooling's flexibility to provide an educational experience that is nearly impossible to duplicate in schools. If you are already homeschooling but have ever had moments of self-doubt, or wondered how to face relatives who question your decision, then this book will restore your confidence and remind you of the many benefits of the path you have chosen. If you are just getting started or only considering homeschooling, this book will help open your eyes about the many possibilities and will supply you with a wealth of information and resources to help you on your way.

Legal advice and suggestions for countering common objections to homeschooling are included. An extensive bibliography and several appendices will provide you with information on other books, correspondence programs, curriculum suppliers, helpful private schools, homeschooling organizations, learning materials, and opportunities and activities. This is a "must have" book for every homeschooler!

Paper, 334 pages

#6946 $18.95 $15.99

One-to-One, A Practical Guide to Learning At Home Ages 0-11 (revised 2nd edition) -
Once again, a customer  introduced us to a marvelous book. I asked her if she'd write a review of the book for us and sent away for a copy. As soon as One-to-One came in, I flipped through its pages. The comics written and drawn by the author's children caught my eye right away and soon my children and I were captivated. I decided I had to read this book myself before I sent it off to be reviewed!

I enjoyed it immensely. Unlike our reviewer, we haven't followed the “Waldorf” approach to homeschooling, so I was less aware of its influence on the book. The author has some very good ideas about learning and has combined them with practical applications. Since the book was written and published by a British author living in France, there are some European influences (such as calling Math, “Maths,”) which made the book more interesting for me.

Well, here's Lisa's review!:

Gareth Lewis' book One-to-One, A Practical Guide to Learning At Home Ages 0-11 is a comprehensive outline of education for homeschooling children and is full of practical suggestions for helping children who are in traditional schools learn at home evenings and weekends. One suggestion for parents of public-schooled children is to lobby the teacher for no homework and if that does not work, to do the homework yourself, as the child needs to rest and follow his own interests when not in school. This book is written from a Waldorf perspective, and he places arts, cooking, music and exploring the natural world on par with reading, math, writing, foreign languages and history during the primary years. The directions for gardening, crafts, and vegetarian cookery are the most clear, easy to follow and thorough I have ever seen. The book is a family project, with Mr. Lewis' wife, Lin, writing the cooking and crafts sections and their three children providing the illustrations. Peppered throughout the book are Mr. Lewis' thoughts on the value of play, appropriate toys, television and computer use and institutional schooling based upon his perspective as a math teacher in both public and private schools and as a homeschooling father. He writes, "School can never be flexible enough to meet the real needs of each child. The frustration and boredom children inevitably experience in school has a negative impact on their ability to learn... everyone knows a young child learns best in a one-to-one situation."

John Taylor Gatto, author of Dumbing Us Down says: "One-to-One is far more than a splendid How-To guide, although it will repay its modest cost ten times over on that score; from its graceful plainspeak language and its intelligently inventive assemblage of good ideas you will be able to induct a philosophy of a better life -- for yourself as well as your children. This is a gem."

Author's Note: I wrote One-to-One over the period from 1997 to 2001. It was a collaborative effort based upon extensive discussions with my children in which they gave their opinions about the various things that Lin and I had done with them over the years. The result is, I hope, an honest attempt to describe the things that worked and how to avoid the things that don't work. - Gareth Lewis

About the Illustrators: One-to-One is illustrated with 344 line drawings by the author's children, Bethan, Wendy and Samuel. They are self-taught artists - putting into practice the principle laid out in the book, that given time and a certain amount of encouragement, children (and adults) are capable of learning without being subjected to the rigours of the school system.

Unqualified Education: A Practical Guide to Learning at Home Ages 11-18 is the follow-up to One-to-One.

Paper, 318 pages Table of Contents

#0560 $24.99 Out of stock.

Unqualified Education: A Practical Guide to Learning at Home Ages 11-18 by Gareth Lewis. The Lewis family has done it again! They have created a book full of informative text and delightful illustrations similar to One to One but for ages 11-18. It is authored by dad Gareth, but it is a true family creation, with illustrations by his children Bethan, Wendy and Samuel. Their mom, Lin, is more involved with the publishing end, but her influence is throughout.

Gardening, sewing and cooking get equal space along with the arts, math, literature, history, science, geography, and technology. This is a nice feature and reflects a philosophy that family life is integral, and not just secondary, to learning.

Because the author is British, the history section has a slightly different presentation than a book written by a U.S. author (U.S. history is given its own special section.) There are a few terms that may also be slightly different, but I enjoy this aspect of the book.

Unqualified Education, like its companion book One to One, is a unique and useful book for homeschoolers. The text is easy to read and informative, while the illustrations are an absolute delight (funny comics, attractive illustrations, and helpful diagrams abound). Paper, 346 pages. Table of Contents

#0579 $24.99 Out of stock.

Beautifully illustrated by Bethan, Wendy and Samuel Lewis, Unqualified Education continues in a similar friendly, down-to-earth, and approachable style to One-to-One: A Practical Guide to Learning at Home, Age 0-11.

Unqualified Education is both a parent's guide to home education with an emphasis on self-directed, self-motivated and enthusiastic learning, and a mini-text book, complete with lesson plans.

Gareth covers every subject and offers useful teaching advice, helpful hints, lesson guides, practical information, and clear guidelines that will enrich the learning experience. The fantastic black and white line drawings are delightful and will encourage children to use this book.

Ideas and information for studies in Literature, History, Geography, Languages, Science, Technology, Music, Mathematics, Art and Craft can be used as a springboard to further explorations, with Cooking and Gardening covered in two separate chapters. Gareth peppers the text with sensible home educating advice and tips, and devotes a final chapter to practical matters such as Timetables, Curriculum, Qualifications, Work and Employment. Unlike many home education books which list specific resources, the chapter Educational Resources covers the basics, such as the Internet, television, libraries, etc, and how they can be used to enhance your learning program. Beverley Paine

Buy both One-to-One and Unqualified Education together
as a set and receive a free copy of a past edition of the Lewis education magazine! Exclusive offer.

FUN39 $49.98 $46.99

Gareth Lewis' daughter, Bethan, has recently written and illustrated her own book of fairytales! Click here to read more about it.

Freedom in Education Magazine

This delightful newsletter is written and illustrated by the entire Lewis family, publisher of the books, One-to-One and Unqualified Education. The contents typically include original articles (many on education), cartoons, a gorgeously illustrated fairytale, puzzles, stories, recipes, crafts and much more. Each issue is truly a work of art and can be enjoyed by all family members. The following magazines are the most recent editions.

Autumn 2006
- Contents: Recipe, The Importance of Play; Zeno's Paradoxes; Maze; Johnny Appleseed; Planting Trees; The Mermaid of the Seas, Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle; Candle Dipping; Wendy's Craft Corner (Jacob's Ladder); The True Bride; Princess Meera Bai; Dot to Dot; The Heros of Ancient Rome; Word Searches, and Trees in the Four Seasons.

Glossy paper, 40 pages.

#A06 $6.00

Summer 2006
- Contents: Recipe; Taking the Donkey to Market; Storytelling, Abunuwas; Socrates; Harriet Tubman; The Vegetable Garden; Animals; Mythical Creatures; The Miller's Boy & the Little Cat; Word Search (Mythical Creatures); Death's Messengers; Breton Story; The Billy Goats Gruff; Wendy's Craft Corner (Shadow Puppet Theatre); Mexican Recipes; Maze; and Spindle, Shuttle and Needle.

Glossy paper, 40 pages.

#S06 $6.00

An "A" in Life: Famous Homeschoolers
by Nancy & Malcolm Plent. I purchased this title when I first started researching homeschooling about 10-11 years ago. It was just a pamphlet then, but it has grown into a 108-page book that lists brief biographies of successful people from all walks of life. It's great fun reading about the different reasons individuals left school and their experiences, and I think I'll give copies to my still-unconvinced-homeschooling-is-a-good-idea relatives. It may not convert them, but it will give them something to think about. Filled with great quotes too.

Paper, 108 pages.

#UN06 $10.00

And the Skylark Sings with Me: Adventures in Homeschooling and Community-Based Education
by David H. Albert. Foreword by Joseph Chilton Pearce. The remarkable benefits of natural learning are illustrated in this book through the interests, explorations and achievements of one small family. David Albert tells how he and his wife are homeschooling their daughters by following their interests and drawing upon the community in their learning. Science and nature also figure prominently in this thoughtful book about parents and children engaging in learning with a wonderful sense of discovery. Although the author apologizes for using a narrative mode, that element provides the view needed to grasp the significance of a freely chosen hand-made education. Albert's book affirms that children learn best and thrive when their parents strive "to listen and to open doors."

And the Skylark Sings with Me is both gentle and passionate. It expands the reader's mind while striking a chord of knowing and comfort, as it offers parents a truly expansive view of education-a picture of a journey toward children's discoveries that will lead the whole family to places which, as Albert describes, they "never would have imagined." S.S. "...And the Skylark Sings with Me is an intellectual tour de force that is a sheer delight to read, an elegant and graceful work of art..." Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of Magical Child.

#4010 $16.95 $12.75 Special Sales Price for a Limited Time.

And What About College?   by Cafi Cohen. The author discusses how she helped her two homeschooled children apply to and get accepted by the colleges of their choice. This is the newest edition with many useful ideas for everyone thinking about college, but especially for those with nontraditional educations.

*Chapter on college at home and on-line college
*Appendix on study tips for the college bound
*Resources and web sites
*Chapter highlights to help you focus on the most important points. Paper, 224 pages.

This book is out of print, so it's only available while supplies last. The special price is a limited time offer.

#7116 $18.95 $10.00

The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self by Home Education Magazine  columnist, Linda Dobson. The author shares refreshing insights she has gained through a decade of homeschooling her three children. In addition to thought-provoking commentary on the need for homeschooling, the book contains interesting quotations from a variety of sources. The back of the book contains a large index of books for further reading and a list of famous homeschoolers. Very well-written.

Paper, 256 pages.

This title is out of print, and we have a limited number of copies left.

#7140 $18.95

The Beginner's Guide to Homeschooling
by Pat Farenga is a great book for beginning homeschoolers. It gives you just the right amount of information on resources, answers to common questions, and provides suggestions for record keeping and possible curriculums. A portion of the book is devoted to some early writing about homeschooling (prior to 1977) that I found quite interesting. The back of the book lists support groups, correspondence schools, and recommended learning materials. This is a very practical book that is presented in an open and easy-to-understand manner and is ideal for a homeschool support group's library.

Paper, 124 pages.

This book is now out of print and is only available until supplies run out. The special price is available for a limited time.

#7175 $10.95 $7.99

Charlotte Mason's The Original Home Schooling Series by Charlotte M. Mason - This six-volume set contains the complete works, and original writing, of the British educator, Charlotte Mason (1842-1923). The set includes over 2,400 pages of material written on education, child training and parenting. While not light reading, the work will stimulate your thinking regarding education. Charlotte Mason spoke from her many years of experience with children and will guide you in areas such as reading, writing, and - of course - nature study. An emphasis is placed on using "living" books rather than dry textbooks.

Recognized as a pioneer in home education and major school reforms, who spent her life improving the quality of children's education, Charlotte Mason's practical methods are as revolutionary today as when they were first written.
#9005 $58.95 $45.99

The Complete Home Learning Source Book by Rebecca Rupp is a delight - and a huge delight at that. With 865 pages, this book is 8 ½" by 11" and almost 2" thick! The subtitle sums up its content: The Essential Resource Guide for Homeschoolers, Parents, and Educators, Covering Every Subject from Arithmetic to Zoology.

The book is beautifully organized into subjects of study, with subject titles printed at the page edges in dark blocks that show even with the pages closed. Each entry is tagged with the age group the resource is intended for, and symbols are used to identify whether the resource is audio, game, on-line resource, hands-on activity, curriculum, kit, video, book, software, magazine, or catalog. This is a huge reference resource for long term use.
A few of the vast number of subjects thoroughly covered are reading, writing, math, history, mythology, foreign language resources, the arts, sciences, journalism, research, libraries, ethics, religion, economics, philosophy, and life skills. The format consists of well-annotated lists of books, on-line resources, CD-ROM's, tapes, catalogs, games, hands-on materials, and videos, along with Rebecca's comments, insightful observations, and delightful, thought-provoking stories about her family's own experiences.

This is one of the best resources to ever grace the home education market! (Reviewed by Lillian Jones)

Paper, 865 pages. 

#1090 $29.95 $24.99

Damaged Copy of  The Complete Home Learning Source Book - cover has some corner creasing. Otherwise, the book is in excellent condition. One copy available.

#D-1090 $29.95 $18.99

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Homeschooling by Marsha Ransom - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Homeschooling is a step-by-step manual written for the new and inexperienced homeschooler. The explanations, resources, and recommendations apply to families homeschooling for a wide variety of reasons and to families who "afterschool" their children.

It includes a history of homeschooling, interesting stories of famous homeschoolers, advice on how to teach subjects you don't understand, the fact's about unschooling - an interest-oriented, real-life approach to learning.

This guide provides practical advice from an author who has homeschooled four children.

Paper, 410 pages. 9"x7.5"x.8".

#9898 $16.95 $14.99
Out of print; one copy available.

Dumbing Us Down: The Invisible Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by (10th Anniversary Edition) by John Taylor Gatto. Contains essays based on some of John's speeches about school and education. While not a book about homeschooling, it makes some shrewd observations about the failures of public schooling and how to re-engage the family's involvement in learning. An eye-opener for those still unconvinced of the benefits of homeschooling. I believe Gatto's credentials, in part, win skeptics over (he was New York City and New York State Teacher of the Year). I simply enjoy his passionate voice and concise analysis of the problems with compulsory education.

The 10th Anniversary edition contains a new afterward by the author in which he reflects on the past 10 years and updates you on some of his current projects.

Paper, 104 pages.

#4487 $11.95

A Free Range Childhood: Self Regulation at Summerhill School by Matthew Appleton - In 1921 Summerhill School was founded by A.S. Neill. Believing children to be inherently "good," Neill created an environment in which children had the widest scope possible to express themselves without adult constraints. At Summerhill adults and children have an equal say in community meetings, and lessons are non-compulsory.

Much has been written about Summerhill over the years. Neill's own Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Child Rearing was an international best-seller in the 1960s and '70s. Appleton's book, A Free Range Childhood, is the only first-hand account to emerge from the school since Neill's death in 1973.

Matthew Appleton was a houseparent at Summerhill for nine years. He has lectured and written extensively on his experiences. He works as a psychotherapist and craniosacral therapist in England.

Paper, 280 pages.  8.5"x5.5"x.9" A limited number of copies are available.

#0029X $18.95 $17.99

Freedom Challenge: African American Homeschoolers edited by Grace Llewellyn. In a format similar to her Real Lives book, Grace has put together fifteen essays by, and interviews with, children, teenagers, and parents. Discover:

* how African Americans fit into--and don't fit into--the rest of the homeschooling movement
* why parents can be their children's best educational allies - no matter what their background
* how children and teenagers can direct their own learning
* how children learn to read (and do all kinds of other things) with little or no formal instruction
* how some single parent families homeschool
* how and why African Americans go beyond the educational "experts" to invent their own best paths
* why homeschooling doesn't have to be expensive
* how homeschooling can allow children to develop naturally and hold on to their inborn excitement, curiosity, and desire to learn
* why many African Americans see homeschooling as a positive continuation of the Civil Rights movement

Paper, 316 pages. There are lots of photos throughout.

We have one copy currently in stock, and it has a crease on the back cover.

#9111 $16.95 $11.99

From Homeschool to College and Work: Turning Your Homeschooled Experiences into College and Job Portfolios by Alison McKee. How do unschoolers document all those interesting activities that don't necessarily follow traditional academic guidelines? Alison talks about the method her family developed through trial and error and provides plenty of examples of her children's documentation. All of these examples are helpful, especially the portions of her son's portfolio that she includes. We like that her family broke away from organizing their portfolios into just traditional academic headings (such as English, Math, and Science) and added ones that fit their individual interests (such as fishing and volunteer work).

Also included are answers to common questions about concerns such as grades and tests. The ideas and concrete examples presented in Alison's book are useful not just for older homeschoolers thinking of college or work, but for younger children too.

Paper, 94 pages

#0636 $15.00

Fundamentals of Homeschooling: Notes on Successful Family Living
by Ann Lahrson-Fisher. What a well-written and informative book! The author's basic premise is that successful homeschooling comes from living a satisfying learning lifestyle and the family is the foundation. Within the family, there are certain "habits" of success: play, conversation, togetherness, and growing up. The book further expounds on these habits and along the way discusses fundamentals such as reading, writing, math, music, art, and much more. She covers both the joys and the pitfalls, and her years of experience shine through.

The book is 429 pages of well-organized material, broken down in easy-to-handle chunks. Lots of resources are included!

Paper, 429 pages.

#1369 $24.95 $17.99
Limited quantities available.

GWS Booklets:

Collections of some of the best stories in GWS Magazine, on two of their most-requested topics.

Life After Homeschooling contains stories about homeschoolers moving into the wider world.  Detailed accounts of the college admissions process and of alternatives to college, all from homeschoolers' perspectives. Paper, 14 pages.

#3474JH $4.95

Transition from School to Homeschool
. Leaving school is the first step, but adjusting to a new way of learning and living is an ongoing process. These stories - several by young people themselves - take you inside that process and offer reassurance and insight.

#3472JH  $4.95 unavailable

Growing Without Schooling: A Record of a Grassroots Movement
The original text of the first two years of Growing Without Schooling Magazine (GWS) are now available for the first time under one cover, reformatted and indexed for easy reading and reference. As you will see, from the very beginning reader's letters were an important part of GWS. This book is special, though, because you will read first-hand accounts from homeschooling's early pioneers and John Holt's ruminations on homeschooling. This book covers the August 1977-December 1979, issues #1-12 of GWS.

This books is currently out of print, so it's only available while supplies last. These are new copies.

Paper, 262 pages.  #7108 $29.95 $26.95

#S-7108 $29.95 $5.00 Only $5 with your $100+ purchase.
Our shopping cart is not sophisticated enough to determine if you have indeed purchased $100+ to qualify for this special offer, but we do not process your order until we receive it in our office. If you have not purchased at least $100 *before* s/h (the total can include the GWS book), your order will not be processed and we will email you.

The Guidance Manual for the Christian Home School: A Parent's Guide for Preparing Home School Students for College or Career by David Callihan - This manual is a comprehensive guide to preparing for life after home schooling. It provides specific tools, plans, and procedures that help parents make progress in getting their children where they want them to go as they prepare to lead them into the wider world.

Paper, 262 pages. 10"x7"x0.6".

#4522 $22.99 $9.99

Homeschooling High School: Planning Ahead for College Admission (1st edition)
by Jeanne Gowen Dennis Homeschooling High School - Homeschoolers will find answers to their questions about grading scales, diplomas, prerequisites, entrance exams, financial aid and scholarship eligibility, application procedures ... all while reaching their family's ideal balance between autonomy and accountability in their home high school. 

Forward by Michael Farris. Christian viewpoint.

Paper, 306 pages. 10.9"x8.3"x.5".

#2699 $24.99 $14.99 One copy available.

Homeschooling Our Children, Unschooling Ourselves
by Alison McKee is the author's reflection on her family's adventure in homeschooling, her work as a schoolteacher, and the insights she gained from both. After reading about some of the frustrations Alison directly experienced within the school system, you may better understand why so many teachers don't send their own children to public school!

“...An unusual and clear-headed examination of what children need--and why even well-meaning schools can't supply it.”- John Taylor Gatto.

Paper, 168 pages.

#0627 $18.00

The Homeschooling Book of Answers
by Linda Dobson (editor of Home Education Magazine's News Watch column, and author of Art of Education) - Think of the best homeschooling conference you've ever attended. Remember the excitement of meeting other people, listening to the great discussions that came up when people asked questions, and getting lots of great ideas?

Now that you have that picture in your mind and are remembering the excitement and fun of the experience, imagine putting it into a book. That's just what Linda has done! In this revised edition, she has taken 101 questions (there were 88 in the original) of the type people ask at conferences, and she has provided several answers by people you might see at conferences. The questions range from the typical beginner types about the costs of homeschooling, giving tests, and keeping up with housekeeping, to questions about how homeschooling affects your life, putting younger kids in community college, and even a section of responses from the children and young adults who have been homeschooled.

If you had lots of free time and could travel around the country attending dozens of conferences, you might hear some of these questions and similar answers, but Linda puts them all in one place for you. This is a great way to see a broad range of issues responded to by many of the most respected names in the homeschooling community. You also get biographical data and contact information on the contributors, and a listing of resources which includes addresses for support groups, magazines, catalogs and a summary of legal requirements for each state.

This one will definitely be added to our favorites shelf, and we want to make it easy to add it to your collection by offering it at a low price.

Revised edition, paper, 356 pages.

#5705 $16.95 $12.99 Special 25th Anniversary Price for a limited time.

We have one copy of the now out-of-print original edition. It has some slight edge damage.

#3779 $16.95 $10.99

Homeschooling by Heart: A Mom's Road Map for Making it All Work by Kristina Krulikas is a guide for mapping out life's journey and designing a homeschooling lifestyle for seasoned moms, as well as beginners. The author wrote the book to help parents concentrate on making homeschooling a way of life, not merely bringing school home. She is a Christian, so there are references to the Bible and Scripture.

Includes: a study guide to lead your heart towards home, ideas to slow down your pace, home organization tips to simplify, reproducible charts and forms, tips for instilling a love for learning, curriculum for K-Highschool, activities for young learners and toddlers, recipes, and much more.

The author also talks about spanking as one method of discipline, which I personally do not believe in, but there is other useful information and resources included.

Paper, 238 pages.

#3502 $19.95   One copy available.

Homeschooling the Early Years: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 3- to 8-Year-Old Child by Linda Dobson is especially good for the beginning homeschooling family with young children (if you've already been homeschooling for a while, some of the early pages on how-to-homeschool may be redundant). Rather than focus on a list of items children should know by a certain age, Linda shows you how to maintain the natural joy of learning that began the moment your child was born. She includes chapters on reading, writing, arithmetic and other subjects, along with lots of resources.

Paper, 224 pages.

#0287 $17.95 $15.25

Homeschooling the Teen Years: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 13- to 18-Year-Old
by Cafi Cohen. Homeschooling your teen is not as difficult as you may imagine! This book will give you ideas on how to help your teen create their own unique learning experience and discover their best vocational path, including selecting a college. Many more answers to questions both parents and teens may have are answered by Cafi's book. Using real-life stories and examples from dozen's of homeschooling families, you gain not only the insight of the author's experience but a variety of ideas from other parents of teens. Where Cafi's other two books focus on college, this book goes into detail about creating your teen's unique learning experience upon which the credits for college are based.

Paper, 344 pages. 

#0931X $16.95 $15.25


I Learn Better by Teaching Myself and Still Teaching Ourselves
(2 classic books now combined in one volume!) by Agnes Leistico. These two books explore how a homeschooling mother learned to trust her children - and herself - to learn in new ways, from elementary school to high school.

I read both books when my children were young and especially enjoyed reading the author's questioning and searching for answers during her family's homeschooling journey. The way the author handled her own doubts allowed me to listen and learn from my own (trust me, it's okay to have doubts!)

These books are especially good for anyone wrestling with questions about how much structure to impose. Both are classics that have inspired many homeschoolers, especially those of us who believe in learning by doing.

This double volume is now out of print, so it's only available while supplies last. It's also available for a limited time at a special, low price.


#7124X $19.95 $15.95

Learning All the Time: How Small Children Begin To Read, Write, Count, and Investigate the World, Without Being Taught
by John Holt. John was working on this book before his death, and it was completed using his articles in Growing Without Schooling and other previously uncollected writing. As with all of his books, this work exhibits the great respect he had for children and insights into how they learn.

John explores how children learn and think and demonstrates that children can and do pick up "the basics" (reading, writing, math) from the world around them. I find many of his ideas very practical, not just theoretical, and every so often I pick up and skim this book to help remind me that my children are, indeed, learning all the time. Paper, 169 pages. 

#0911 $15.00

Real Lives: Eleven Teenagers Who Don't Go to School by Grace Llewellyn. Author of the popular Teenage Liberation Handbook, Grace Llewellyn edits this book of firsthand accounts written by teenagers about the things they can do when given the opportunity. It is reassuring for parents and kids to hear the voices of "real-life" teenagers. It is also fascinating to read all the different teenage stories and see the variety of interests they have and the different educational experiences they've gone through.

We have the Eleven-year anniversary edition, with updates from all the writers).

First published in 1993; updated in 2005.
Nominee, Best Books for Young Adults 1994 (American Library Association)
Includes index, appendix, recommended resources, and black & white photographs.

From the publisher:

In 1993, eleven homeschooled teenagers described their lives in rich detail, and Real Lives quickly became a homeschooling classic. Erin's favorite teacher was her horse Nick, blind in one eye. Kyla flew to South America in September of what would have been her senior year alone, except for her mountain bike. Jeremiah and his sister Serena published a newsletter on peace issues. Patrick, who hoped someday to design video games, had spent the past few years compiling portfolios of his writing and artwork. Rebecca worked at homeless shelters and, through Habitat for Humanity, built houses for people in need. Anne tended honeybees and plucked a bluegrass banjo. Ayanna kept pace with 50 pen-pals mostly in Africa while Kevin talked with people all over the world on his ham radio. Amanda performed with a violin quintet and worked through the mail with her writing mentor. Vallie answered questions at a marine science center; Tabitha answered the phone at a crisis line, and helped midwives at births.

Now those eleven homeschoolers have grown up and engaged the territory of adulthood, college, and career and the new edition of Real Lives includes updates from all of them. From gaining admission to an Ivy League institution without taking the SAT to crafting a simple life centered on writing and gardening, they tell where life has taken them and where they have taken life, and offer hindsight and advice for others choosing to learn outside of school.

This is great reading for teenagers (schooled or unschooled), homeschoolers of any age, educators who want to broaden their understanding of how people learn, and anyone who is curious about what homeschooled kids think of homeschooling--and what those same "kids" think eleven years later. Lots of black/white action photos!

Paper, 320 pages. Updated & revised edition.


Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+La by Barbara Edtl Shelton - The tendency at the high school level is, as one homeschool mom said, to "just buckle down, take the textbooks by the horns and just DO it!" But as this mom sadly added: "The joy went right out the window!"

For those just starting out, and even for seasoned homeschoolers who, up until high school, have taken a more creative approach, this book has inspiration and practical help for homeschooling through high school: record-keeping ideas, what to do about requirements, how to translate real-life learning into senior high classes and credits, how to set up your own high school Master Framework Plan, creative grading guidelines, masters for transcripts and diplomas, learning guides for many subject areas, complete how-to's for setting up a student notebook, and many many samples to use as bouncing-off points. Christian-based.

Paper, 425 pages. 8.5"x11"x1". Cover has a small wrinkle.

#9098 $28.95 $25.99

A Sense of Self: Listening to Homeschooled Adolescent Girls by Susannah Sheffer. If you've been discouraged by recent books and reports asserting that the self esteem of adolescent girls plummets during their teenage years, A Sense of Self will encourage you. The 55 in-depth interviews Susannah Sheffer conducted with homeschooled girls ages 11-16 show that these homeschoolers are holding onto the strengths they had as children.

Paper, 191 pages. 

This book is now out of print, but we have a few used copies. Your copy may have creases, library stickers, highlights, a combination of all or none.

#3579 $17.95

Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to quit School and Get a Real Life and Education
by Grace Llewellyn. This is a terrific book! Written especially for teenagers and people with teenagers in their lives, it is also helpful for anyone who has ever gone to school. Grace discusses how to regain the natural ability to learn and be excited about it, ways of going to college, volunteering, apprenticeships, and more. Leans toward an "unschooling" approach, which Grace is able to superbly articulate. Popular for teenagers who plan on taking charge of their education, whether they are currently homeschooling, planning on homeschooling, or moving on to college. Highly recommended. Paper, 443 pages.

This is the complete, international, revised and expanded edition. There is another less-expensive version available, but it only contains about 1/3 of the content. This edition has more anecdotal material and background information included for each topic and is recommended by the author.

 #9170 Out of stock.

The Underachieving School by John Holt lays out his basic arguments about how schools fail our children and offers a wealth of inspiring ideas for what to do about it.

The Underachieving School is a collection of essays and articles written and compiled by Holt, each brimming with inspiration and ideas on how to teach children. Taking into account how children actually learn, this book shows us the difference between learning and schooling through his original thinking; clear, thoughtful writing; and firsthand accounts of what does and doesn’t work in education.

Paper, 164 pages. 8.5"x5.5"x.5".

#0388 $14.95

“Education is something a person gets for himself, not that which someone else gives or does to him.”  John Holt, from The Underachieving School

The Unschooling Handbook: How to Use the Whole World As Your Child's Classroom
by Mary Griffith -Just from the cover, you can tell this is not your typical homeschooling book - and not just because it has "unschooling" in the title!

The colorful cover shows a drawing of a family driving past a zoo, the beach, a capitol building, and a museum. They are smiling and pointing; obviously enjoying their journey and many interesting things along the way. Just like life should be! Inside, Mary has provided lots of good information, including resources for different subjects, real-life examples of what people do, and lots of great explanations.

If you or someone you know doesn't understand this whole unschooling idea, then this may be the book to convince you (or them) to try it. If you are already an ardent unschooler, it will still give you lots of good tips and insights into what other unschoolers may do, and lots of information to help you explain and defend your unschooling decision.

Paper, 230 pages.

#2764 $16.95 $13.99

What Do I Do Monday?
by John Holt. This is Holt's classic answer to teachers who asked, "How can I put all your ideas into practice myself, with my kids?" The book contains hundreds of things to do or try - "measuring speed," "measuring strength," "fractions," "recording talk," "writing for ourselves," "writing for others," and much more.

It is also a hard-hitting look at what's wrong with marking and grading, at what can help troubled children, and at the difference between "teacher as cop" and "teacher as guide." Holt wrote that of all his books, he felt that this was the one homeschoolers would find most practical.

Paper, 300 pages. 1995 edition.

#3684 $27.50 $23.99

You Can Teach Your Child Successfully: Grades 4-8 by Ruth Beechick - This classic home education book gives practical help to parents. IT includes sections on reading, writing, and arithmetic, as well as subjects beyond the three R's.

Altholugh Dr. Beechick is a highly experienced teacher and curriculum developer, she believes that parents are the best teachers of their children. She sweeps away the mystery that surrounds education. After reading this book, you no longer will feel that teachers know secrets that are hid from you.

Paper, 296 pages. 8.5"x5.5"x1.2".

#9042 $14.00 $10.99

Learning Guides


Living is Learning Curriculum Guides by Nancy Plent

These guides were put together by Nancy Plent, founder of the Unschoolers Network in New Jersey and a long-time homeschooler. She reviewed the scope and sequence charts and curriculum guides of dozens of schools in various states, then combined the highest standards of elements from each to create these guides. Why purchase these curriculum guides? 1) They may help you to fulfill your state's legal requirement to provide an educational plan 2) They allow you to see some of the highest standards for schools at various grade levels, just in case you are curious about what the schools expect or are anxious about what you are doing 3) They provide record-keeping space that can help organize a portfolio.

Besides providing a checklist under each subject, Nancy offers suggestions on how to translate real-life experience into curricula goals. She also lists resources from a variety of companies. Each guide covers two or more grade levels. The first four are in comb binding, while the high school guide is in a 3-ring binder.

#UN01 Living is Learning Guide, Level I (PreK-1st) $20.00 $17.99
#UN02 Living is Learning Guide, Level II (2nd, 3rd) $20.00 $17.99
#UN03 Living is Learning Guide, Level III (4th, 5th) $20.00 $17.99
#UN04Living is Learning Guide, Level IV (6th-8th) $27.00 $23.99
#UN05 Living is Learning Guide, High School (9th-12th) $25.00 $22.50 Out of stock

Nebel’s Elementary Education: Creating a Tapestry of Learning
by Bernard J. Nebel, Ph.D. is a low-cost K-5 unit studies curriculum that emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning. Topics are open-ended and encourage children to venture further into their areas of interest, providing the benefit of structure for those who like it but leaving room for plenty of flexibility. Written by a botanist, it is very much science-oriented, and yet it also emphasizes reading, writing, fine arts, values, purpose of living, history, society, earth science, biology, ecology, anatomy and physiology, avoiding substance abuse, measuring, problem solving, water cycle, physics, critical thinking, relating knowledge to the real world, and more.

This book is designed to offer a solid foundation on which children can build throughout their lives. Being an unschooler, I did not follow this or any curriculum, but “Elementary Education” was a key resource when my children were younger. We browsed its pages for information and project ideas. My girls eventually outgrew it, and I gave away my copy a few years ago. When I opened the box containing my review copy, viewing the cover of the book was like seeing the face of an old friend; I remembered the hours of enjoyment my children and I experienced while engaged in the activities Dr. Nebel presents.

Dr. Nebel’s philosophy appeals to many homeschoolers: he believes that “true learning with a process of building mental structures” through “lessons reinforced with experiential activities in a...sequence such that each one builds on the preceding knowledge/experience and in turn serves as a stepping stone to the next." Even preschoolers "are far from ‘blank slates." Children have a “wealth of knowledge gained from their everyday experience and self-motivated explorations and observations.” This book is a rare find that should be on every homeschooler’s table. - Reviewed by Shay Seaborne

When asked if he is developing a guide for older learners, Dr. Nebel says "Older children may read the text by themselves and benefit significantly by filling in gaps in what they have learned previously and then moving forward. Then, covering the material in the text will give kids a solid foundation of subject material and learning techniques such that they can pursue topics in greater depth and breadth largely on their own. Thus, beyond the elementary level I envision students being able and motivated to tailor and pursue their studies according to their own interests. I have no plans for developing specific materials for more advanced grades."
Paper, 429 pages. 10.9"x8.3"x1".

Table of Contents

#8927 $29.95 $24.99

While not about homeschooling, Innovators in Education Series series gives insights into learning.


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