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College & Work

You may also be interested in The Teenage Liberation Handbook, Real Lives, Harold Jacob's math texts, and other books throughout the catalog. Keep your suggestions coming - we do listen!

And What About College?   by Cafi Cohen. The author discusses how she helped her two homeschooled children apply to and get accepted by the colleges of their choice. This is the newest edition with many useful ideas for everyone thinking about college, but especially for those with nontraditional educations.

*Chapter on college at home and on-line college
*Appendix on study tips for the college bound
*Resources and web sites
*Chapter highlights to help you focus on the most important points. Paper, 224 pages.

This book is out of print, so it's only available while supplies last. The special price is a limited time offer.

#7116 $18.95 $10.00

Bears' Guide to the Best Computer Degrees By Distance Learning by John Bear, Ph.D., Mariah Bear, M.A., & Larry McQueary - It's a sizzling job market for the high-tech elite as companies everywhere are begging for software designers, database programmers, Web-site builders, network administrators, and IT professionals. This new Bears' Guide maps the most direct route to those top-dollar salaries, showing how to earn a fully accredited undergraduate or graduate high-tech degree without setting foot on a college campus.

Paper, 153 pages. 9.8"x7.8"x.5". Published 2001.

#9563 $14.95 $9.99
One copy available.

Bears' Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning (15th Edition)
by John Bear, PhD and Mariah Bear, M.A. In this book, the authors describe and discuss every known approach to earning a college degree, including: credit for life experience, correspondence and on-line study. They also talk about how to avoid phony schools selling diplomas. Over 1,600 schools are listed.

Paper, 424 pages. 15th edition (2003). This is an older edition. The edge of pages are starting to yellow.

#4311 $29.95 $12.99

Careers in International Affairs, 8th edition, edited by Maria Pinto Carland & Candace Fabert is the ultimate job hunting guide for anyone hoping to work in the U.S. government, international organizations, business, or nonprofits. It provides descriptions and data about careers in the global workplace and how to find them - along with nearly 300 organization profiles.

In addition to a remarkably broad and deep list of organizations and contacts, Careers in International Affairs offers insight and guidance from a career counselor, a graduate student, and practitioners in the international affairs community on networking, interviewing, finding a mentor, and choosing the best graduate school.

The book also presents numerous firsthand perspectives on various career sectors from those who have found their own international niche - from young professionals to senior policymakers. It is designed to encourage international job seekers to think about what they know and what talents they have to offer, to widen their horizons and reveal all the possibilities, to help them realize that the future could hold several careers, and to remind them that it is never too early - or too late - to consider the variety of options that await them around the world.

Careers in International Affairs is published in cooperation with Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, the oldest and largest school of international affairs in the United States.

Paper, 4430 pages. 9.4"x6.1"x1".

#1991 $24.95 $16.99 One copy available.

College Admissions Together: It Takes a Family
by Steven Roy Goodman, and Andrea Leiman is more than a practical how-to-get-into-college book, though it does explain key aspects of today’s college admissions process for both parents and students. It is also a guide to healthy family relationships during the college admissions process.

This invaluable book looks at the often stressful process of finding the right college for your child not as an ordeal but as an opportunity to bond as a family and to give your child safe passage to adulthood as he or she determines which colleges are the best fit. The authors help parents recognize that what makes the college admissions process a potential danger zone for families is the combination of the teen’s growing independence and the parent’s need to help him or her make critical decisions for the future. They answer difficult questions like how to stay involved in the process while allowing your child to make more choices. They help you put the college admissions process into the context of your child’s passage to adulthood and understand what he or she is feeling and facing as your child makes the decision of where to go next. Using Goodman and Leiman’s advice, tips, and exercises, the college admissions process will lead to a greater appreciation of each other and mutually rewarding family relationships that last a lifetime.

College Admissions Together serves families, counselors, teachers, and others as an essential resource.

Paper, 206 pages. 6"x9".

#2542 $17.95 $12.99

College Comes Sooner Than You Think!: The Essential College Planning Guide for High School Students and Their Families
by Bonnie D. Featherstone & Jill M. Reilly - For the student starting the college planning process...or the parent or other concerned family member.

With ample room to fill-in-the-blanks (and room for assigning each task), chapters summarize all the steps that one needs to take, and a month-by-month, year-by-year Student Planning Calendar. Topics include evaluation of the student's strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, by all concerned; career exploration; organizing records and preapring a resume; taking the necessary tests; shopping for college; preparing college applications; campus visits; planning finances and numerous planning tools.

Paper, 206 pages. 6"x9".

#2542 $17.95 $12.99

Complete Book of Colleges, 2007 Edition by The Princeton Review -
Profiling all four-year colleges in the U.S. (in 2007), this guide helps students target the schools that best match their interests and goals.
You'll find meticulously researched profiles of 1,774 schools. It contains information to:

Academic programs and degrees offered
Admission requirements, including average GPA and SAT scroes for incoming freshmen
Athletics and other extracurricular activities
Available financial aid
Contact information, including e-mail addresses
Housing, libraries, laboratories, and other facilities
Student services such as counseling, career placement, and accommodations for disabled students

This is an older version of the book (2007), but it still has valuable information. The book also has some corner creasing.

Paper, 1,600 pages. 10.8"x8.4"x2.3". Used. Spine has creasing - otherwise, the book is in great condition.

#U-5573 $26.95 $15.99

Cool Colleges for the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, Just Plain Different (1st edition) -
Study on a cattle ranch where you work for your tuition or spend winters on a mountain in Vermont. Designed for the unorthodox, this unprecedented guide tothe "coolest" colleges profiles 40 of the most innovative and unusual schoolsin the country.

Includes the name, address, phone number, and web site for accredited four-year colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

Paper, 224 pages. 9.9"x8"x1.4" One copy available.

#1504 $24.95 $14.99

11 Practice Tests for the New SAT and PSAT (The Princeton Review) - Preparing for the SAT by learning test-taking strategies is essential, and practice makes perfect! The Princeton Review has developed 11 Practice Tests for the NEW SAT and PSAT--giving students an opportunity to solve problems like the ones found on the upcoming New SAT.
And what about the new essay? We have that covered, too! The Princeton Review will continue to offer online access and additional SAT help to book buyers. There are even experts available to score student's practice essays by hand, online (a nominal fee is charged for this service)!
Students and parents can now put their minds at ease with the most complete practice available for the New SAT!

Paper, 896 pages. 10.7 x 8.4 x 1.3 Copyright 2004.

#4348 $19.95 $9.99
Out of print; one copy available.

Get this item free with your purchase of $100 or more:

#4348-F $19.95 Free

11 Practice Tests for the SAT and Psat, 2008 
by The Princeton Review - The best way to prepare for standardized tests is to practice, and this resource offers students 11 prime opportunities to do just that. Besides providing practice tests and answers, this book also gives you full explanations for every problem. It uses The Princeton Review's legendary score-improving techniques.

This is an older version of the book (2008), but it still has valuable information.

Paper, 976 pages. 10.8"x7.5"x2.6".

#6145 $19.95 $13.99 One copy available.

Discover What You'Re Best At by Linda Gale - Take the test and find the right career for you. Join the ranks of the more than half-million people who have discovered their true talents and made successful career choices with Discover What You're Best At. The book's unique National Career Aptitude System enables you to identify not only your interests but also your innate talents and potential skills, and then to match your career strengths to dozens of the more than 1,100 jobs described in detail.

Discover What You're Best At enables you to set realistic and rewarding career goals based on your abilities. It gives you the edge you need to take on the job market and succeed in your chosen career. Discover What You're Best At will help you: 1) save money -- possibly thousands of dollars -- by heading you in the proper career direction before you choose a school or a course of study 2) save time -- by allowing you to tailor your curriculum to your career objectives, without resorting to trial-and-error course samplings 3) set realistic goals -- why be an office administrator when your interpersonal skills make you a natural for sales? 4) learn about new areas -- with more than 1,100 career possibilities listed and described in detail, you could easily discover that you have an interest in and aptitude for an exciting position you never knew existed.

Paper, 192. 10.9"x8.5"x.6".

#9563 $14.00 $9.99

Don't Worry, You'll Get In: 100 Winning Tips for Stress-Free College Admissions by Mimi Doe & Dr. Michele A. Hernandez - With more teenagers applying to college today than ever before, the competition has never been stiffer, and the stress can become unbearable not just for teens, but for the entire family. In Don't Worry, You'll Get In, one of the country's top college admissions counselors Michele Hernandez and leading parenting expert Mimi Doe join forces to bring teens the first college admissions guide of its kind: an easy and accessible book full of 100 specific tips to navigate the admissions process successfully and calmly. For each step, Hernandez explains to teens in simple terms exactly what they need to do, while Mimi Doe empowers them to tackle that step with confidence and in the least stressful way.

Covering everything from standardized testing to summer plans to writing a great essay, Don't Worry, You'll Get In is for high schoolers who want to be accepted at the school of their choice without burning out for the sake of getting in.

#3670 $12.95 $10.99

Homeschoolers' College Admissions Handbook: Preparing 12- to 18-Year-Olds for Success in the College of Their Choice
by Cafi Cohen is filled with tips and insider advice from homeschooling families who now attend college. It will help you decide what college is right for your child, what curriculum will help prepare your child for college, learn what colleges expect from homeschoolers, and prepare your child for the admissions process. This book includes experiences of homeschoolers nationwide and supplements rather than duplicates Cafi's other helpful book, And What About College, which is based largely on her family's personal experiences.

Paper, 321 pages.

#7540 $17.95 $15.25

Cafi Cohen College FUNPak - Buy Cafi's And What About College? and Homeschooler's College Admission Handbook together and save over 40% off retail!!

#FUN46 $36.90 $21.99    Special Sale: save over 40%!

College Countdown: The Parent's and Student's Survival Kit for the College Admission Process by Jill VanGruben - There are few things more overwhelming than the procedure, paperwork, and price tag of a college education. Forms have to be filled out, tests need to be taken, and long-range planning needs to begin. Filled with anecdotes, dates, and timelines, College Countdown, is the parent's and student's personal filing cabinet - organizing all of the "stuff" in preparation for college.

Based on intensive research and hundreds of interviews, College Countdown makes sure that all of the college preparation steps are taken in the right order with: handy timelines for college entrance exams, applying for financial aid, and more; key test dates with registration deadlines; sample college admission forms and financial aid applications; essential information on financial aid and scholarships; information on using the Internet in your college search, including submitting your application online; checklists, worksheets, tips, and quotes that will save you time, money, and headaches; advice on the admissions interview and essay writing; and, suggestions on choosing your college.

Paper, 284 pages. 9.4"x7.5"x0.8".

#2902 $16.95 $11.99
One copy available.


College Unranked edited by Lloyd Thacker - Stressed and sleepless, today's high school students race from school to activities in their most competitive game of all, admission to a top-ranked, prestigious university. But is relying on magazine rankings and a vague sense of "prestige" really the best way to choose a college? Is hiring test prep teachers and consultants really the best way to shape your own education? In this book, edited by a veteran admissions counselor, a passionate advocate for students, the presidents and admission deans of leading colleges and universities - like Dartmouth and Harvard - remind readers that college choice and admission are a matter of fit, not of winning a prize, and that many colleges are "good" in different ways. They call for bold changes in admissions policies and application strategies, to help both colleges and applicants to rediscover what college is really for. It's not just a ticket to financial success, but a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore new worlds of knowledge.

Paper, 224 pages. 8.1"x5.4"x.7".

#9776 $19.50 $13.99 One copy available.

Cracking the PSAT/NMSQT, 2008 Edition by The Princeton Review brings you proven techniques from the test prep experts! The 2008 edition includes 2 full-length practice tests and all the strategies you'll need to score higher. In Cracking the PSAT you will learn how to think like the test writers and

-Eliminate answer choices that look right but are planted to fool you
-Master the most important PSAT vocabulary words
-Crack even the toughest subjects: geometry, vocabulary, algebra, grammar, and more
-Ace the math and short critical reading questions
Plus, all of our practice questions are just like those on the actual PSAT--but with detailed answers and explanations for every question.

Paper, 384 pages. 10.6"x8.3"x1.1".

#6091 $19.00 $11.99 One copy available.

Fiske Guide to Colleges 2007 by Edward B. Fiske. -
For more than 20 years, this leading guide to more than 300 colleges and universities has been an indispensable source of information for college-bound students and their parents. Hip, honest and straightforward, Fiske Guide to Colleges 2007 delivers an insider's look at the academic climates and the social and extracurricular scenes at the "best and most interesting" schools in the US, plus Canada and Great Britain.

Includes: Fiske's exclusive academic, social, and quality-of-life ratings; the 45 schools that deliver the best education at the most reasonable costs; lists of each school's strongest majors and programs; candid tips from each school's current student; a self-quiz to help students understand which college is right for them; vital information on how to apply "Overlap" listings to help students expand their options; and more.

This is an older version of the book (2007), but it still has valuable information. The book also has some corner creasing.

Paper, 214 pages. One copy available.

#6603 $22.95 $11.99

Debt Free College (We Did It!): The God Factor in Avoiding Student Loans by Lynn Lusby Pratt -
Five college students....fifteen years of college between plan: no debt. It can be done.

This is the story of a family whose five children graduated from college debt free and how they did it.

The book is written from a Christian perspective.

Paper, 106 pages. One copy available.

#5628 $11.99 $8.99  

From Homeschool to College and Work: Turning Your Homeschooled Experiences into College and Job Portfolios by Alison McKee. How do unschoolers document all those interesting activities that don't necessarily follow traditional academic guidelines? Alison talks about the method her family developed through trial and error and provides plenty of examples of her children's documentation. All of these examples are helpful, especially the portions of her son's portfolio that she includes. We like that her family broke away from organizing their portfolios into just traditional academic headings (such as English, Math, and Science) and added ones that fit their individual interests (such as fishing and volunteer work).

Also included are answers to common questions about concerns such as grades and tests. The ideas and concrete examples presented in Alison's book are useful not just for older homeschoolers thinking of college or work, but for younger children too.

Paper, 94 pages

#0636 $15.00

How to Save, Plan, & Pay for College (Bonus Dvd Included)
by Richard W. Lewis -This 200 plus page book covers all the subjects mentioned below and many more:

1. Learn how to combat the shocking increse in college tuition.
2. Learn why it is so important to apply for a Pell Grant. If you don't follow this advice your child could lose financial aid from many sources.
3. Learn how the financial aid system works.
4. Discover how to keep informed about the continual changes in financial aid, loans, grants, scholarships, 529 Plans and other programs.
5. Learn proper planning techniques needed to increase your ability to be prepared for the cost of a college education.
6. Understand the importance of timing in the various aspects of saving, planning and paying for college.
7. Learn how to eliminate uncertainty and increase your knowledge to greatly increase your ability to provide your child with a college educaiton.

Included with book is a DVD that Mr. Lewis has created, which includes three sessions that are up close and personal, with the author. He talks directly to parents explaining important points that educate and assist them in their quest to provide their child with that all important college education. Included in the DVD is a set of tools to help with the planning. With over 25 years experience in financial and estate planning the author brings a great deal of knowledge to this important subject. This is his second book on college financial planning.

Paper, 216 pages. 8.4"x5.6"x.7".

#3802 $19.95

Inside the Top Colleges: Realities of Life and Learning in America's Elite Colleges by Howard Greene, M.A., M.Ed., and Matthew Greene, Ph.D. - For the more than 200,000 families a year willing to spend $30,000 or more annually for a top-level college education, Greene describes the quality of education and life at the country's 20 most elite universities.

Inside the Top Colleges breaks through the "halo" of prestige surrounding the nation's elite schools to reveal what the quality of education and daily life is really like on these campuses. They examine the stress of the workload and the cost of these colleges, two items students complain the most about.

Paper, 320 pages.
9.2 x 6.2 x 0.9. Copyright 1999. Pages edges are yellowing.

#9944 $14.00 $7.99
Out of print; one copy available.

Looking Beyond the Ivy League: Finding the College That's Right for You
by Loren Pope (Director of the College Placement Bureau) Reaffirming the value of the small liberal arts college, Pope shows parents and students how and why to look beyond Ivy League and other well-known schools to choose the college that best suits their needs--and how to avoid the pitfalls of the college selection process.

Paper, 288 pages.

#9522 $14.00 $9.99 Out of print, one copy available.


Making It Into a Top College : 10 Steps to Gaining Admission to Selective Colleges and Universities by Howard R. Greene, M.A., M.Ed., and Matthew W. Greene, Ph.D - This planning guide provides college-bound students and their parents with essential information on how the admissions process works; what the top colleges are looking for; choosing the right college; presenting a student's qualifications, work experience, and references; making the most of campus visits; and creative financing.

Paper, 512 pages.
9.2 x 6.2 x 1.4

#3632 $16.95 $11.99
One copy available.

Major in Success: Make College Easier, Fire Up Your Dreams, and Get a Very Cool Job by Patrick Combs, with a forward by Jack Canfield -
How do you figure out what career you would truly love while you're still in college? What's the best way to pick a major? How can you get and stay motivated? Finally, a book that answers the important questions about being a successful student!

With so much at stake during the college years--your career, your success, your future, your happiness--you need smart, savvy, and inspiring ideas to ensure you excel. Author Patrick Combs helps you discover your passion, and reveals how to make the most of your college years and land a dream job.

In this revised edition, you'll find new resources, updated websites, the latest job market research, a new handy appendix, and fresh success stories. Whatever your dream, whatever your major, whatever your age, Major in Success is an investment in your future.

Paper, 192 pages.
4th edition.

#5326 $12.95 $9.99 One copy available.

Making It Into a Top Graduate School
: 10 Steps to Successful Graduate School Admission
by Howard R. Greene, M.A., M.Ed., and Matthew W. Greene, Ph.D. - This guide features a ten-step strategy for finding and getting into the right schools, and includes worksheets, executive task checklists, sample essays, resumes, inspirational case histories, interviewing techniques, program categories and rankings.

Paper, 368 pages.
9.1 x 6.1 x 1. One corner has some creasing.

#4581 $15.00 $10.99
Out of print; one copy available.

Presenting Yourself Successfully To Colleges by Howard R. Greene, M.A., M.Ed., and Matthew W. Greene, Ph.D - In recent years, as the number of applications to top colleges has risen dramatically and fewer schools have been able to grant personal interviews to most applicants, the written application has become one of the most important factors for admissions committees. Marketing yourself successfully to schools -- making yourself stand out from the thousands of high school seniors applying to college -- is no easy task, but with the help of this straightforward, easy-to-follow guide you will make the most of your personal application.

You will learn what kinds of essays have been successful and why and see how to write a unique personal statement that reflects your strengths. With checklists, writing samples, and advice on how to get great recommendations, Presenting Yourself Successfully to Colleges will give you all the tools you need to make your application stand out.

Howard and Matthew Greene will explain how to: Assess your strengths and unique characteristics, assemble your application, write an outstanding personal essay that represents you well, create a strong resume, ask for recommendations, make yourself known to colleges, maintain ongoing communication with colleges.

Paper, 288 pages. 9.3 x 6.2 x 0.8. The edge of pages are starting to yellow.

#4603 $14.00 $11.99
One copy available.

The Public Ivies: America's Flagship Public Universities by Howard Greene, M.A., M.Ed. and Matthew Greene, Ph.D explains the differences between various public universities, the contrasts between public and private higher education, the admission process for public schools, honors and residential college programs, merit scholarships, and what it takes to succeed in public university environments.

Using their years of expertise and inside knowledge, the Greenes present affordable alternatives to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton - 30 public colleges and universities at which students can receive an Ivy League education at a fraction of the price. Providing students and their parents a better understanding of the opportunities at America's flagship public universities and the other Ivy League universities, The Public Ivies will help pave the way toward a top-notch college education without a huge price tag.

Paper, 224 pages.
9.2 x 7.4 x 0.6. Copyright 2001.

#459X $15.00 $11.99
Out of print; one copy available.

The RAT (Real-World Aptitude Test): Preparing Yourself for Leaving Home by Homer E. Moyer, Jr. -
Do you know how many teaspoons of sugar the average 12 ounce can of soda contains? Can you change a flat tire? Can you identify the ten largest cities in the world? The Real-World Aptitude Test (R.A.T.) answers these questions and more. The R.A.T. is divided into two parts, the first containing questions in thirty different subject areas, and the second providing answers and explanations to these life-defining questions. Subject areas include cooking, managing money, etiquette, geography, sports, and many more. The R.A.T. provides answers to some of life’s most common stumbling blocks, as well as facts on generalized knowledge in areas such as geography and politics. Hide

Paper, 368 pages. 8"x10".

#3428X $19.95 $15.99 One copy available.

So You Want to Be a Doctor?: A Guide for the Student from High School Through Retirement by George H. Rawls, M.D. & Robert D. Patterson, M.D. - Written by two renowned medical professionals, this is a book for every student from high school through medical school. Drs. Rawls and Patterson, along with medical students and residents provide a step-by-step road map that will lead and inspire even the less confident student to a career in medicine. It includes how to prepare for exams, how to present oneself before a review board, how to handle social and cultural competency issues, and diversity. Also includes a Foreword by Dr. Benjamin Carson Hide

Paper, 176 pages. 6"x9".

#433X $16.95 $13.99

Simon's Saga for the SAT I Verbal by Philip Geer (Barron's) - Simon, the narrator of this book, lets test-takers know that he's a cool college dude who's ready to help everybody get an incredibly fantastic score on the verbal section of the SAT I.

Every word in boldface type is your signal to check the meaning in the accompanying list of definitions and understand how Simon is using the word in the sentence. While you're building your word power, you'll enjoy reading what Simon has to say about: making new friends on campus, doing library research, writing term papers, creative writing and lots more.

Paper, 496 pages.
8.2 x 5.3 x 1.1  Copyright 2002.

#2002X $12.95 $7.99
Out of print; one copy available.

Test of Time by Charles Harrington Elster is a time-travel adventure that incorporates vocabulary words from the SAT and ACT, boldfacing them throughout the novel and providing definitions in a handy back-of-the book glossary. The result is a fun and effective study method for those who take these tests each year.

For Orlando Garcia Ortiz and his friends at prestigious Hadleyburg University, it's finals week. That same week, but many, many years before, a famously eccentric writer in Hartford, Connecticut, is putting the finishing touches on a manuscript about a rebellious boy named Huck. Suddenly, a bizarre thing happens: The manuscript disappears and in its place appears a strange contraption - a college student's laptop that has traveled through time. It's a mysterious set of circumstances, but our intrepid heroes at Hadleyburg, joined by Mark Twain, endeavor to retrieve their valued possessions and return to their proper places in time.

Paper, 448 pages. 5 5/16" x 8". See also Tooth and Nail by the same author.

#1372 $14.00 $10.99

Tooth and Nail: A Novel Approach to the New SAT - So you're preparing for the SAT, and you want to build up your vocabulary. This book approaches the process in a unique way. No boring lessons or tedious list of words. Instead, the authors have written a mystery that takes place at a mythical college with mostly teen characters. Words that have frequently occurred on past SAT tests are set in boldface As you read the novel you can look these up in the glossary at the back of the book for their definition or look them up afterwards (my preference).

Though I'm long past the SAT phase of life, I found the book illuminating. See also the Test of Time by the same author.

Paper, 384 pages. 5 5/16" x 8"

#3826X $14.00 $10.99

A Students Guide to the Core Curriculum by Mark C. Henrie - College students today have tremendous freedom to choose the courses they will take. With such freedom, however, students face a pressing dilemma: How can they choose well? Which courses convey the core of an authentic liberal arts education, transmitting our civilizational inheritance, and which courses are merely passing fads? From the smorgasbord of electives available, how can students achieve a coherent understanding of their world and their place in history?

In a series of penetrating essays, A Student's Guide to the Core Curriculum explains the value of a traditional core of studies in Western civilization and then surveys eight courses available in most American universities which may be taken as electives to acquire such an education. This guide puts "the best" within reach of every student.

Paper, 112 pages. 5"x8"x.4".

$8.00 $5.95

The Unofficial SAT Word Dictionary
by Sam, Max and Bryan Burchers  - Need lots of SAT words? Then this is the book for you. A comprehensive collection of over 3,000 words most commonly found on the SAT, GRE and other standardized tests. Presented in an easy to read dictionary format with over 6,000 sample sentences. Great for the college bound student.

7th - 12 grade level.

Paper, 456 pages. 8.4"x5.5"x1.1".

#2250 $9.95 $8.99

Vocabulary Cartoons, Revised edition contains 290 words commonly found on the SAT test. Using cartoons and mnemonics, readers learn new words. Highly recommended by teenage homeschoolers preparing for the SAT.

Paper, 341 pages. 

#2233 $12.95

Vocabulary Cartoons II: Learn Hundreds More SAT Words with Easy Memory Techniques by Sam, Max and Bryan Burchers gives you 290 more vocabulary words to learn using the same mnemonic technique as the original Vocabulary Cartoons book.
#2240 $12.95

Special package! Buy Vocabulary Cartoons I and II together and save!
#FUN33 $25.90 $19.99

Wisdom for a Young CEO by Douglas Barry - At the age of 14, Douglas Barry asked some very important people a very important question: "What does it take to become a CEO?"

In Wisdom for a Young CEO, he shares the personal letters of advice and encouragement he received from the world's top businesspeople. It is an inspiring collection of leadership lessons like no other - specific in content and universal in appeal - that provides a roadmap for success, in business and in life.

Great advice for anyone, but it would make an especially nice gift for the young person going out into the workforce.

Hardcover, 176 pages.

$14.95 $13.99

Young Adult's Guide to a Business Career by M.J. Giles - How do you decide which career path to follow? How do you know which will be the most gratifying? Whether you are a high school student just preparing for college, already attending a university, or a recent graduate ready to enter the realm of full-time employment, you are facing decisions about a career that will impact the rest of your life.

The Young Adult's Guide to a Business Career is packed full of tips for young people planning the rest of their lives. It will show you: What personality traits you will likely need for certain jobs; the type of practical experience required; the positive and negative aspects of various jobs; what salary you can expect at different levels of employment; where you can go to get more information on different careers.

This easy-to-read, not-to-be-missed reference serves as a roadmap packed with tips for students planning the rest of their lives.

Hardcover, 115 pages. Copyright 2004. 8.5"x5.5"x0.5".

#1438 $14.95 $11.99

Young Adult's Guide to Business Communications
by Kristi L. Thomason-Carroll - In today's tight job market, it can be tougher than ever to gain an edge over the competition. Whether it is heading for a job interview, discovering the best way to compose a business letter, or writing a report, good communication skills are key. For the young adult who is still in school or has just graduated and is at a loss for the proper written or spoken word, this book provides a crash course on the essential interpersonal skills needed for success in the workplace. Author and teacher Kristi L. Thomason-Carroll knows this and has put together an easy-to-read, not-to-be-missed reference. The "Young Adult's Guide to Business Communications" is packed full of tips for the fledgling employee. The information in this book can mean the difference between an unsuccessful job search and an exciting new position. It helps you set the agenda for professional success.

Hardcover, 136 pages.

#1445 $14.95 $11.99

Your First Job, 2nd edition
by Ron Fry. This book is quick and easy to read and is chock full of many useful pointers about researching jobs, writing resumes, and landing interviews. The book also covers how to handle yourself at an interview, evaluating a job once you land it and making decisions about future employment. I found the latter discussion most useful since most of us will have more than one job in our employment lifetime. A.M.


#1896 $9.99 $8.99 Out of print, limited number of copies available.

The Question is College: On Finding and Doing Work You Love
by Herbert Kohl is a wonderful, thoughtful book about how to find one's vocation or life's work. The author focuses on how college is not necessarily the best choice for a young person and provides alternatives. Through examples and concrete tools, he helps you plot a course toward realizing your goals.

This book not only talks to teens about finding work they love, but talks to parents directly about the importance of listening to your children and not allowing the desire for your child to attend college to cause an irreparable rift between you.

While it focuses on teens, this book can be used by anyone wanting to explore what they want to do. I highly recommend it. 

While this book is now out of print, we like it so much that we have been purchasing copies returned by other book stores, remainders, and even used copies. As a result, we have a small quantity available (both hard and soft cover). These are in excellent condition, but some may have bookplates from libraries or individuals, or may have highlighter marks on text.

Hardcover or paper, depending on what we have in stock. 288 pages.

#6980 $20.00

Uncollege Alternative
by Danielle Wood. Learn how you can create a profitable, exciting, creative, and amazingly successful future without a college degree. Whether you're a high school student considering your next step, a college student seeking change, or even a college graduate looking for creative alternatives to the conventional path, this guide will provide a wealth of life-changing ideas and resources, including advice on: great careers without a college degree, taking time off before or during college, opportunities for adventures around the world, internships, apprenticeships, and training programs, community service projects that pay, starting your own business. You are living in the most exciting time in history! Seize the day! JHB

This book is now out of print, but we have a few used copies. Your copy may have creases, library stickers, highlights or a combination.

Paper, 319 pages.

#3084 $20.00


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